Leonid Pletnev Ambassador

Leonid Pletnev

A great coach, dancer with many titles and merits, architect and innovator of the unique and unparalleled device for training without a partner - MY DANCE ASSISTANT. One of the leading experts in the world of international ballroom dance.

Maurizio Vescovo Ambassador

Maurizio Vescovo

Like most of Italians he has phenomenal style and passion, especially when he dances. Over 35 years of his dance career Maurizio has touched the hearts of millions through his never ending love for dance. He has been a World Champion in Latin for many year in a row.

Olexandr Latushkin COO

Olexandr Latushkin

Olexandr has always been interested in new technology from gaming to blockchain. He has 15 years of entrepreneurship and marketing management experience in the dance and sales industry. Olexandr is a senior executive who oversees company's daily business operations and administration. He takes care of all AirDance and Dance coin operations worldwide, including customer service and support. With his experience and pedagogical talents, Olexandr masterfully leads a constantly growing team.

Vladimir Sharapov Partnerships Director

Vladimir Sharapov

Vladimir is 5-time Ukrainian Champion, European Champion, Polish Vice Champion in Latin. Vladimir is responsible for the partnerships network development of AirDance app, DANCE coin and AirDance Exchange offices around the world. Vladimir is the father of 4 children.

Anastasia Tkach CMO

Anastasia Tkach

Anastasia is in charge of the marketing department where she takes care of the product development strategy, all the marketing and advertising activities with high focus on digital marketing and social media in particular. She is ready for every challenge, and is sure that dance is the best way to lift the mood.

Kate Chernyshova Marketing and Advertising Specialist

Kate Chernyshova

Kate is responsible for the implementation of the marketing strategies and community management. Inspired by dance since childhood, Kate has devoted her professional career to working and developing this industry.

Anna Piwowarska Project Manager

Anna Piwowarska

Anna deals with international IT and consulting projects for over 8 years. She has experience in energy sector and international organizations (UN, OSCE), where she was responsible for project initiation, planning, implementation, and successful delivery of products and services. She is a certified project manager and new technologies enthusiast.

Rostik Tkach 3D Artist

Rostik Tkach

Rostik is a full-time filmmaker with 5 years of experience in videography and game design.
3-time champion of Ukraine in Breakdancing.
Rostik interprets concept art into its three-dimensional realization and creates moving images using digital models. He creates animation and special effects for films, TV, video games, advertisements and websites.

Patrycja Suszek-Rączkowska Interior designer

Patrycja Suszek-Rączkowska

Patrycja is a winner of the International Property Awards 2019-2020 with the title Best Leisure interior Poland, a finalist of the International Design & Architecture Awards 2018 and a member of the association of interior architects. She has published in industry journals and made many public appearances as an expert. She is developing the main architectural component of the MΞTΛDΛNCΞR metaverse.

Fatima Huseynzade Digital Designer

Fatima Huseynzade

Fatima is responsible for the part of design component of our projects. Her professional skills are formed by more than 5 years of experience in digital design. Fatima has been fond of sports street dancing for many years, always moves forward and doesn't have any limits in her mind – that's why she is with us!

Ania Khomchenko Graphic Designer, Dancer

Ania Khomchenko

Ania co-creates graphic design for our website, corporate identity for our social networks, as well as visual content. She is involved in directing and video projects of our team. Ania is also a professional street dancer and organizes dance events.

Arunas Bizokas Ambassador

Ania Khomchenko

Arunas Bizokas is nine-time World Professional International Standard Ballroom Champion, who is currently representing the USA. Being a Chairman of the World Dance Organisation, he is a person whose opinion is highly valued in the dance community.

Yurii Basanskyi Graphic Designer

Yurii Basanskyi

Yurii knows how to bring together lines, color, shape, space, texture, typography, scale, dominance and emphasis, and harmony to create visually appealing and well-structured designs.

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